Preventing Bus Accidents by Doing Safety Checks

Commuters take the bus because it is very convenient to do so. They simply wait at the bus stop, get on it when it arrives and pay the fare. That really is all there is to it. You are saved from the hassle of driving, getting gas and parking should you choose to bring your own vehicle. There is also that added inconvenience in maintaining it.

If you have a car, there is the occasional oil change to keep the engine running smoothly. There are some necessities it requires to function properly such as water and transmission fluid. You would also need to check that the tires have enough tread on them and that the brakes are properly functioning. It does not end here as there are other components that would occasionally need to be replaced due to a car’s normal wear and tear.

Once a week is not enough

Buses on the other hand, are quite a different story. The companies that operate them have to make sure that they regularly undergo stringent inspection procedures before they take the road. These colossal vehicles might be designed to transport big numbers of people, however its constant,everyday use could also subject them to quite a beating. They are not used for just a few trips in a day but follow set routes, with drivers changing work shifts while using the same bus. Its different moving parts can and will give out faster, one way or another.

Because of this definite eventuality, the required frequency of safety checks is much higher. Not only does the bus need it to function properly, its passenger’s very lives rely heavily upon it. A bus whose brakes suddenly fail or tires blow out could potentially make it very difficult for even the most experienced bus driver to steer it clear from harm’s way. There is no one to blame but the bus company itself should this happen. Such businesses are expected to exercise not just ordinary diligence in its maintenance but the highest degree possible, which is extraordinary diligence. Failing to do so would be the height of negligence.

Never again

Personal injuries as a result of the blatant lack of compassion for the well being of others should never be condoned. If you or someone who is close to you happen to get hurt because of the carelessness of such bus companies, call us. Lichtblau & Goldenberg’s team of dedicated attorneys will provide you with the timely legal assistance to make these transgressors of the law atone for the damage they have caused you. To get a free consultation, contact 561-863-9100 today.