Poor Habits Resulting in Bus Accidents

To do our jobs and do them well, we need to be at our very best. Aside from the schooling, additional training and experience that are necessary to do our work there is also the day-to-day readiness that enable us to perform properly. It could be the most basic of things such as a good night’s sleep, eating breakfast, exercise — coffee. For most people, this is already incorporated in their routine. Others however, have a more challenging time with it.

Alcoholics for example, have to try to to stay away from drinking the night before. Those who have a harder time might even have to battle with it while actually performing their jobs. Drug addicts could be susceptible to such struggles as well. They will have difficulty focusing on task at hand, their reflexes impaired while on a high and their focus distracted seeking for the next hit when they are not. These are of course, the obvious reasons. There are others which are more common and less perceptible.

Attitude really is everything

A bus driver needs his full mental and physical faculties to properly operate his vehicle. The nature of his work demands it. There are simply too many people depending on him to get them to their destinations safely. Factors such as a lack of sleep, road rage and texting could cause an accident without showing any signs before it happens. A tired driver has his senses dulled, the same goes for one that allows his emotions get the best of him. Of course, he would have no sense at all if he whips out his cellphone while engaged in his duties.

You would not want to imagine what it would be like to be a passenger of someone who is not in his right mental state or lacks the physical alertness while on a bus. In fact, even other commuters in their respective vehicles might not be safe as well. The unpredictability of such irresponsible behavior is like a ticking time bomb for disaster. You never know when, not if it will explode. Regrettably, there have been numerous individuals that have already fallen victim to such recklessness. 

Bringing the balance

You or someone that you love might have had to suffer through the aftermath of a bus driver’s wanton disregard for safety through his imprudent conduct. Our law firm has handled similar cases involving personal injury in the counties of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. Trust Lichtblau & Goldenberg to properly assess your grievances and find the best solution for it. Call us at 561-863-9100 to get an initial consultation, free of charge.