Drunk Driving and Potential Liabilities

Most people who drink too much do not give a lot of thought to the consequences of their behavior. They probably would not even start if they had. Time and again it has been proven that the disadvantages far outweigh any perceived benefits. Waking up hung over the next day and unable to perform accordingly is a common complaint among drinkers. Losing valuables such as wallets, cell phones and even car keys has happened on far too many occasions.

Despite these incidents, people persist on getting drunk. It is not enough that they might hurt themselves in the process. They could also end up injuring innocent people as well. How many times have you heard about a fight breaking out in a bar or domestic violence sparked by too much alcohol? These occurrences have already resulted in a lot of harm among all those involved. The stakes however become exponentially higher, the moment the inebriated alcoholic gets behind the wheel and speeds off into the night. There is no telling when his thoughtless actions would result in a serious accident or how many individuals will suffer because of it.

Waste of time, effort and money

There have been countless cases where drunk drivers have caused property damage, injuries or even fatalities because of negligence. These could have been easily avoided had diligence prevailed on that fateful day. Now there are damages that he is responsible for, which amounts can go far beyond what was actually suffered.

The law provides higher penalties for such recklessness. Aside from the actual losses inflicted upon the innocent party, the one at fault might have to be responsible for amounts adjudged to be commensurate to his imprudence. This will come in the form of exemplary or punitive damages. It should not be viewed as an addition to the amounts that he must compensate his victim for actual losses. Rather, it is a form of punishment so that he may be made an example of to dissuade future offenders from committing similar acts. Exemplary or punitive damages are also given when the judge believes that the compensatory amounts awarded are less than what the innocent party should receive.

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