Creating a Safe Zone after a Car Accident

Presence of mind is crucial immediately following a collision. There is nothing you can do about the damages that resulted. You can however minimize any further injury or losses because of it. First, stop and check yourself for broken bones or anything that would affect your mobility. Next, look around you and see if anyone requires your immediate assistance. You might need to call the paramedics for yourself and others. Do so if you can or request someone who has access to a cell phone to contact them.

When all these are done and if you are physically able to, observe the surrounding area. There could be oncoming cars that might not have enough time to reduce their speed to avoid the vehicles involved in the accident. Drivers who are unable to immediately recognize the unfortunate situation from a distance could very well become a part of it, unless someone can provide adequate warning to them. 

Preventive measures

Standing in front of speeding traffic to dangerously wave them away from the scene of the accident is not what is envisioned here. Instead, try to find highly visible early warning devices and place them at a good distance that could effectively deter others from plowing into site of the mishap. This needs to be done, especially when the damage to the vehicles and injury to the parties involved are severe. It would take some time before the proper authorities arrive with the sufficient manpower and equipment to render medical assistance and clear the way.

Of course not all accidents have such dire consequences. When the damage is plainly minor, the parties could come to an agreement to settle their differences in a private manner. Photos of the scene may be taken. This would then allow the cars involved to be moved aside and provide for the smoother flow of approaching traffic. If you can, try putting whatever arrangements you may have in writing and signed by those affected.

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