Collecting Information after a Car Accident

A momentary lapse in judgment is enough to result in immeasurable physical pain, weeks spent in recovery and enormous hospital bills none of which was your fault. This is of course, until the contrary is proven. In some lamentable occasions the opposing party was in fact able to establish sufficient evidence to turn the cases in their favor.

Such would truly be a sad turn of events if none of it was your responsibility. You could have been driving innocently down the road until another vehicle crashes into yours seemingly out of nowhere. Admitting to fault when it comes to car accidents can be difficult for those involved. Not only will it be expensive on the part of the negligent party, he might also truly believe that he is not to blame.

The truth will always prevail

Waiting for the police to arrive at the scene and make a report of the mishap is not only recommended, it is an absolute must. There are instances when this might prove to be unnecessary such as when it is agreed in writing that the damages are inexistent, very minor or where one party admits to his guilt for the entire catastrophe. Outside such cases, it would be best to make a personal record of the primary details and surrounding circumstances especially if there were any injuries or property damage involved. Be sure to make a copy of any original format you made be it a written document, photographs or voice recording.

You should collect the identifying information of the vehicles and contact details of the other parties involved. Create an accurate account of how the accident happened, the placement of the vehicles in reference to the road and each other as well as the extent of damages. Your injuries must also be recorded, should you be able to do so. Any other relevant data should likewise be included such as the responding police, paramedics and even the towing company that provided its services.

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You or somebody dear to you might have been recently injured in a car accident. If you require legal assistance to prove your innocence or collect the costs from the incident, contact Lichtblau & Goldenberg through 561-863-9100. Our highly capable team of experienced attorneys will seek for the most lawful means to address your concerns and establish a strong case against the opposing party.