Car Accidents and the Police

It is admittedly difficult to remain calm and remember all the basic actions to undertake should you be involved in a vehicular mishap. The shock from the collision is enough to jar anybody’s senses. There is also your own injuries to think of. In case however that it is possible and when your means permit you to do so, wait for the police to arrive. They will be crucial in providing you with an official assessment of the situation.

Such authorities are responsible for making a record of what has transpired. Without it, you might need to prepare yourself for a lot of finger pointing and quite a few verbal tussles. There is after all, no evidence on which to base any accusations upon. Moving your vehicles before the scene is documented or even leaving it altogether will be a regrettable lapse in judgment.  

Establishing the basis

A police report could be highly determinative of the guilt or innocence of the negligent party. It will necessarily include the laws violated, injuries sustained and the degree of property damage involved. Keep in mind that receiving a copy of this might not be immediately available. It might require further steps for its processing and eventual submission to make it an official record. In light of this, try asking for the officer’s name, badge number and precinct that he is assigned to. This would allow you to retrieve it once it is ready. Also, ask for its tracking number if possible so that it will be easier to track it when you request for a copy. You might be charged a small fee for this though it would be worth more than you paid for, should ever the need arise to use it in a court proceeding.

Minor infractions might not require the presence of the police, its true. It is recommended however to request for a report no matter how insignificant the damage may appear. If they are unable to arrive, make sure that you get all the pertinent details of the other parties to the car accident such as their contact information, vehicle license plate and insurance details.

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