Assisting Others after a Car Accident

The paramedics are the ones responsible to come to the of help those that are injured and provide emergency care. While they are not usually doctors themselves, they are essentially the best form of first aid. These swift acting heroes respond quickly to those in dire need of medical attention and whisk them away toward a safe haven where they may receive prompt treatment for their injuries. There is still however that time gap, from the moment the accident occurs and the actual arrival of these highly appreciated individuals. Until such time, the only person that an injured might be able to depend upon is you.

Do what you have got to do

Being involved in an automobile mishap is already a nerve racking incident in its own right. Having to deal with your own injuries as well as that of others would certainly up the ante of an already tense situation. In times like these however, you really have nobody else to depend on. Your timely actions could be the crucial factor that would determine the fate of someone else’s survival.

What the injured may require from you might not even be medical assistance. Simply calling for an ambulance could be all that is needed for the present moment. You must however remember to stay at the scene of the accident especially if you were involved in it. If you do not have a cell phone to call from, try requesting someone within the immediate vicinity to do it if possible. Your continued presence might prove to be vital for anyone that received trauma from the collision.

Note that you are not to move the injured from their position. You might also want to remind them that they should remain in place until the paramedics arrive. Do not hesitate to use your first aid training or knowledge of CPR should the situation call for it. There will not be any liability for such brave actions, especially when a person is obviously in dire need of your skills.

Attorneys who care

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