Drunk Driving Claims

Stop, look and listen

Being focused and alert on the road could be challenging these days. With all the things going on it is easy to divert the driver’s attention from his main task, driving. The many billboards, attractive business signs, and even exotic cars can distract almost anyone. Of course, there is the fast rising if not the leading technological culprit, the cell phone. Its use by drivers has led to many accidents because of their need to immediately check their messages or answer a call. While these instances might cause someone to steal a momentary glance, being drunk at the wheel is another thing altogether.

Those who are inebriated while driving do not have all their senses fully intact.

They are dulled by alcohol in their system as well as with their reflexes. Their sense of judgment is most likely impaired and more inclined to emotional outbursts. This combination of factors in addition to those previously mentioned diversions is akin to rolling the dice on the driver’s life and that of others. Everyone’s safety is at risk as long as a drunk driver mistakenly goes on the road.

Whether it is through imprudence, false courage or simply blacking out; someone choosing to operate a vehicle while heavily intoxicated will not be able to fully concentrate on the road. A driver’s focus is necessary to perform the necessary adjustments in acceleration, direction and braking to correctly maneuver his car safely. Any miscalculation on his part has potentially disastrous results attached to them. Every state all across America is well aware of the dangers these types of motorists pose. Florida is no different.

Made an example of

In the West Palm Beach area, many have fallen victim to the failed efforts of drunk drivers. Its residents are cognizant of the fact that injuries as a result of this will merit a higher amount of damages than other accidents. Statutes allow the addition of punitive or exemplary damages on top of actual damages suffered by the victim. The basis for awarding these is to emphasize the need for the defendant to change his erring ways and prevent him from being embroiled in another incident. Take note that punitive or exemplary damages are for the above-mentioned reasons only. It is not considered additional compensation for the plaintiff although he will receive most if not all the amount awarded.

Further, such punitive or exemplary damages are given when the court deems that the compensatory damages granted are insufficient. While still not being an addition to what has already been awarded to the plaintiff, these punitive damages may serve to rectify any deficient amounts that are to be or already received. It is also a remedy against future offenses to help minimize the work and relieve pressure from the criminal justice system.

Let us help you through our expertise

The lawyers at Lichtblau & Goldenberg have had the honor of serving clients residing in the West Palm Beach area. We specialize in the branch of law that deals with personal injuries and accidents. Our legal team takes note of all the details of the case in order to find out if there is indeed negligence or another form of liability that could form the basis of a suit. There is, however, no charge on your initial visit. We want you to be fully appraised of your situation before you decide on pursuing the matter further.

Drunk drivers are certainly looked upon under a reprehensible light.

Their selfishness and irresponsible nature are a menace to society. Do not wait to contact us for assistance. You are actually helping the community in general by seeking our help to go after these violators. Expect that the full extent of the law will be brought down upon them for their acts.

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