When Criminal Acts Lead to Wrongful Death

Crime exists in every part of the world. It can strike at any time and can victimize anyone. Finding ways to deter such acts have been a constant undertaking of many governments as well as its citizens since time immemorial. The rise in population has made it almost impossible eradicate this sinister plague. Technological advances has also opened up significant inroads for its commission. It has assisted in more creative ways to perpetrate wrongdoing.

Fortunately, the law has its ways of keeping up. It has appropriate agencies and commissions that can deal with specific kinds of felonies such as the police and the FBI. There are also social departments which assist in addressing particular types of civil disturbances that involve women and children for example. For almost any crime there is a counter or preventive measure for it. Those who violate the law will surely have certain types of punishment waiting for them.

The criminal has to pay

Incarceration is one of the most popular modes of disciplinary measures for a convicted felon. It is however not the only one. There are methods such as reformation, community service and juvenile detention centers. Some criminal acts also have corresponding civil penalties attached to them. The defendant can be made to pay certain amounts in the form of damages for any civil liability his criminal act has caused. Conviction in the criminal action is not necessary for a civil action to proceed. There is also less burden of proof required in the latter than in the former.

This is especially so in cases of wrongful death. A negligent act that causes another’s untimely loss of life usually has civil liability attached to it. The close relatives of the decedent can institute the case against the perpetrator to receive reparations for the offense committed. There is no need to wait for the criminal act to be proved in court before a decision may be attained in the civil case. 

Lawyers you can depend on

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