Product Liability in case of Wrongful Death

It is easy to trust name brands. You see them up on billboards, supermarket shelves, on television, over the Internet — everywhere really. If this were not enough, you have numerous celebrity endorsers touting its many so-called benefits. It also does not help that your family and friends seem to like them too. Besides, what is there not to like? Some of these brands are actually pretty good.

The companies that own them spend millions of dollars in advertising and marketing expenses to make sure they drive the point home. This is complemented by vast amounts spent on research and development to constantly improve the product as well as find ways to make it more appealable to consumers. It translates to profitable revenues for its owners that is much deserved for such well made merchandise.

Diligence at all times

In the torrid rush to satisfy consumer demand however, it might be difficult for some producers to keep up with quality control. This is the point where everything turns sour. It is when a corporation, partnership or proprietor as the case may be, subordinates the sincere desire to provide a product of good quality and replaces it with a greater need to make more money. This could be done intentionally or by overcommitting the resources of the business in such a way as to deprive it of adequate means to sufficiently check the certainty of its output.

It is but fair to expect that superior measures are constantly in place to safeguard the consuming public against any potential dangers their products might carry with them. When such controls fail or simply not present however, they only have themselves to blame. This could have more severe implications than a dissatisfied customer. Serious injuries have been known to result from defects found in automobiles, food, beverages and household items to name a few. Regrettably, product liability has also been connected to consumer related fatalities.

Effective and experienced

We at Lichtblau & Goldenberg have been dealing with different personal injury cases in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties for over fifty-five years. Wrongful death as a result of product liability is something that we are quite familiar with. Our legal team can and will be able to provide the expert legal assistance for those that have lost loved ones under such dreadful circumstances.

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