Neck & Back Injuries: Whiplash Injury

Driving at high speeds might feel exhilarating on the open road. It could also feel just as satisfying to be able to whiz through rush hour traffic. What is not so fun is coming to a sudden stop due to a collision. Safety mechanisms such as seat belts and air bags may be in place to reduce the impact. It cannot however fully compensate for the jolt the different parts of your body will experience from such an incident.

There are different types of injury that could be suffered because of the abrupt change of speed. One of which is neck and back trauma that could produce whiplash. This is when there is a swift change in direction that causes the neck to instantaneously move from forward to backward in a rapid motion. The tendons that connect the muscles to the bone are hyperextended causing unusual strain, thereby becoming damaged.

Responsibility lies with the one who caused the accident

Whiplash can be a very painful injury that limits your range of motion. It will cause you to stiffen up because any movement made by your neck or upper back can hurt in a major way. Even the slightest twitch will merit a significant amount of pain. This is the reason why a neck and sometimes, a back brace is put in place to help rest these muscles while keeping them steady.

You might happen to be one of those who have had to undergo such a traumatic experience. There could be weeks or even months of physical therapy required to help heal those damaged muscles. This can prove to be quite expensive aside from being extremely painful. It is important however that you remain vigilant in exercising your legal rights. Whiplash is often the result of being rear ended by another vehicle. If you feel that you are not at fault, you should seek the help of a lawyer to get advise on being reimbursed for the costs of your injuries.

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