Neck & Back Injuries: Loss of Mobility

A morning jog or a leisurely stroll by the beach are already enjoyable activities that can brighten up your spirit. Even being able to step out onto your front porch or balcony to enjoy the warm sun is a fine moment on its own. While most of us take these simple joys for granted, there are some who wish that they could be able to do these things once more.

Clear and convincing

Neck and back injuries are not as blatantly clear as an open wound and fortunately, not as final as death. This form of damage however can turn out to be quite insidious and even long lasting. Trauma to these areas can result in a loss of mobility. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to such an incident, you should seek legal assistance to get compensation on top of the expenses from the actual injury. There are costs associated with this disability that would never have arisen had you never been injured. This should nevertheless, still be proven.

Establishing that you suffered from an accident is not enough. There should be evidence that would tie your loss of mobility to it. Only then will you be lawfully entitled to any present or future claims pertaining to medical costs, loss of wages, emotional suffering and others associated with it. Finding the connection between the mishap and the resulting neck and back injury can prove to be a challenge if you are unable to provide sufficient hospital records, documents and sworn statements that link it together. You might want to consider seeking assistance from legal professionals to help you piece this complex puzzle.

Lawyers with expert skills and compassion

Being robbed of your ability to perform common, everyday activities can be difficult and mentally exhausting. We at Lichtblau & Goldenberg understand the agony a client has to go through of having been deprived of his mobility. Our firm has been handling personal injury cases for decades in the counties of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. Should you or a loved one require legal assistance of this nature, please do not hesitate to contact us through 561-863-9100.