Neck & Back Injuries: Insurance Claims

It can be easy to find reliable services in this day and age. You can count on your electricity to be switched on, your water to come out of the faucet or even a multitude of cable channels at your disposal. In a perfect world, everything will run smoothly. Of course this is hardly ever the case. There times when certain agencies will fail you even at times you need them the most.

Insurance companies can be one of the easiest businesses to transact with when you are paying their premiums. At the same time, they could be quite difficult to deal with during those instances when collecting on the policy is crucial. You can even end up in a bind due to their complicated and often restrictive processes. This is especially so, particularly when you suffer from neck and back injuries. 

Finding the necessary facts

To be able to achieve a successful insurance claim, you must first be able to prove that there is a basis for it. This requires evidence that sufficiently points to its existence. Anything to the contrary might be considered imaginary or even fraudulent. Your pain and suffering due to neck and back injuries however, are not. The challenge lies in establishing the severity of the damage and its connection to a specific event that caused it. Actually finding concrete evidence of this is often a complicated ordeal and might even hamper your recovery.

Being injured is already a great inconvenience on its own. Having to go through the arduous process of gathering evidence of its painful existence is something you can delegate to professionals at doing so. This would leave you more energy to focus on regaining your strength and heal from your injuries.

Your defenders in West Palm Beach

Collecting from insurance companies based on solid records, testimonies and other reliable documents has been part and parcel of our services. At Lichtblau & Goldenberg, your personal injury claims have a good chance of finding legal compensation. Our very able team of attorneys will assess the facts of your case advise you on the strength of your case. Contact us at 561-863-9100 to get started, this initial consultation is free of charge.