Minors and Swimming Pool Accidents

Almost everyone has fun-filled memories of splashing about in a swimming pool while growing up. It could be with some cousins, at a classmate’s home or while on vacation with the family. Remembering such moments can definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Sadly, there are some that cannot share in the same joyful sentiments. They might have witnessed an unfortunate swimming pool incident as children or been the one who suffered the mishap themselves. It could be an adult, who had a child that got injured during a school field trip or outing. If you or someone you know have had to endure such strenuous circumstances, you might be entitled to seek damages.

Eyes like a hawk

Children should not be allowed to be around any significant body of water by themselves. It could be a river, lake, the ocean or of course a swimming pool. There is always the risk of drowning whether it be due to their undeveloped motor skills, small size or not knowing how to swim. A child may also be unaware of the dangers of wet spots surrounding the area. Their carefree nature could easily cause them to slip and fall as they run about, not thinking of the potential consequences of their actions.

Close supervision of these little ones should be first and foremost in the minds of any pool owner, should he be present or not. Such body of water is regarded as an attractive nuisance, which causes minors to venture into its vicinity in the hope of having a little bit of fun. Unfortunately, even the most innocent of plans do not always end up as intended.  For this reason, children are to be strictly attended to while at play and safety features must be installed to prevent them from accessing the swimming pool when an adult is not around to oversee their activities. Any laxity in implementing such measures is regarded as negligent behaviour on the part of the swimming pool owner or adult in charge and can be susceptible to liability under the law.

Caring for the West Palm Beach area

Swimming pool accidents involving minors are among the most heart wrenching of moments for anyone. It is something that our law firm at Lichtblau & Goldenberg would wish did not have to happen. Should such personal injury befall your loved one or the children of those you know, please contact 561-863-9100. Our compassionate team of attorneys will guide you on how you may enforce your legal rights and receive justice for your little one.