Defective Road Accidents caused by Poor Water Drainage

Good driving weather would mean that the sun is out, the wind is calm and the air is nice and cool. If you have a convertible then by all means, bring the top down. It would be wonderful to take in your surroundings and enjoy the full experience of the drive. You can even look up and see the nice blue sky all about you.

This can all change should there be a sudden downpour. You would have to shut your windows closed and turn your windshield wipers on. Road visibility can also be affected, depending on the volume of rain that will fall. There would be a lot of puddles that could form, usually from some defects on the road. This is something that can turn out to be hazardous, especially at high speeds.

Fish out of water

Driving in rainy weather is more dangerous because of the compromised road conditions. Not only will it be more difficult to see, be it day or night. It could also become increasingly challenging to maneuver a vehicle on wet ground. There is the high potential that the tires could lose its traction on the road, causing the entire car to slip sideways. This can potentially result in a fishtail motion, with the driver desperately trying to regain control.

Poor water drainage can escalate the chances of this happening. There would be no sufficient outlet for the rainwater to escape and could cause multiple puddles to be scattered upon the road. It would truly be a guessing game for any driver to accurately detect what lies beneath such pools of water. There would be some that are shallow while others could turn out to be big potholes. The latter could cause considerable damage upon the vehicle and the person driving it should an accident occur due to the defective road.

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