Broken Bones or Fractures from a Pedestrian Accident

Getting to work does not always need to be by car. If you live close to your office, you probably planned to walk there in the first place. It really is the smarter thing to do if you work in the city. No need to go through the horrendous rush hour traffic nor would you need to spend mind numbing hours doing it day in and day out. Sure it might cost more to rent a smaller space to be able to do this. The time you save though added to the stress that you do not need to experience on a daily basis is priceless.

Pedestrians still have to compete for sidewalk space with other people who use it. There is the occasional slow walker that may block your path or the one that is in a rush that could annoyingly bump into you. It is also necessary for you to stop from time to time before crossing the street to allow cars to pass by. Motorists have just as much right to be out on the roads too. 

You heal, they pay

This interplay between pedestrian and vehicular traffic may seem like an over rehearsed routine. Yes, it usually goes by without any hitch. There are times though when they do not. Fortunately these mishaps are but a small minority of the entire whole. What is not so good however is if you happen to be counted under this tiny statistic.

Drivers can suddenly swerve into a pedestrian lane either because they are trying to avoid other cars or by their own negligence. Being hit by one will certainly be a traumatic event. Hopefully, you can walk away from it unscathed. There are those however that received broken bones or fractures from their injuries. This will require immediate medical attention and extensive hours doing physical therapy. Recovery from such injuries must be your main focus. Paying for it or collecting from those who are liable should not be your top concern.

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